Eliza is seeing things, but what she hears shakes her to the core. The Bookshop has been in her family since before the Civil War and now it s in financial trouble. Strange things are happening ... Eliza receives mysterious messages, stumbles across obscure clues, and finds hidden spaces in The Bookshop. When a creepy man starts popping up in unexpected places, she knows not to trust him. When Eliza learns he is planning to buy The Bookshop, she becomes more suspicious, convinced there is something in the family shop worth finding. It's up to three seventh graders, Eliza, her best friend Melinda, and the new kid Simon, to unravel the mystery and save The Bookshop.
" exciting read that keeps you guessing until the very end.  The follow-the-clues mystery is combined with an interweaving of Civil War History and elements of the supernatural which make it difficult to put the book down." Children's Book Review
"An exciting and mysterious adventure young readers will enjoy." Kids' Bookshelf
The Ghost at Judy Creek Station
The Ghost at Old Oak Way
The Ghost at Cavern Lake Hollow
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The Ghost at Old Oak Way