The Ghost at Judy Creek Station
The Ghost at Old Oak Way
The Ghost at Cavern Lake Hollow
The Ghost at Cavern Lake Hollow
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When city girl meets country girl, on a lake shore in the Ozarks, the bond is instantaneous, a catalyst for a summer of non-stop, action-packed adventure. Add brothers and sisters into the mix and soon they are also entangled in crazy, mixed up family dynamics. And no summer on the Ozarks would be complete without a hidden cave, a modern-day James gang, and a ghostly visitor from the past..
…there’s much to recommend this (book ) as reading for young girls. These young ladies are intelligent and adventurous. They are not wrapped up in boys and it is a complete departure from the value system that paints modern youth as solely interested in how they look and what they buy. These girls are valued for how they think. --Phil Angelo, Kankakee Daily Journal