The Ghost at Judy Creek Station
The Ghost at Old Oak Way
The Ghost at Cavern Lake Hollow
Laurie Cameron was born in Montana and moved to the Washington, D.C. area after completing her advance degree in Economics. There she met her husband and took up the nomadic life in the U.S. Foreign Service. For more than twenty years, she has lived and traveled throughout many parts of Africa, the Caribbean, and Latin America. She has two sons who are both in the Peace Corps.

Laura Meagher was born and raised in Plainfield, Illinois, and continues to reside in that same Chicago suburb today with her husband, Joe, and three beautiful children. She received her bachelorís degree in elementary education and her master of arts in teaching. Laura is currently in her fourteenth year of teaching in the public school system.

Laurie and Laura co-authored The Ghost at Old Oak Way, published by Untapped Talent, Inc in 2009. They published the two remaining books in the series in 2012.

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Laurie is residing in Arizona for a year while her hubbie works in South Sudan.
Recent News
Laura is racking up her 14th year teaching in the public school system in Illinois.