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School Visits
What will it cost the school?
Only a little effort. We ask that schools make our book(s) available to students for purchase through our online store. Such books must be purchased in advance of the visit. We will prepare personalized book plates for each student who purchases a book, signed by both authors, and mail (or bring) them to the school.
We have designed a great program for the school, one aimed at fostering a true love of reading and motivating aspiring young writers. Our grade-level visits are highly interactive 45-minute sessions using illustrations and videos on our website. (go to program)

At the moment. all author visits are being conducted by Laurie Cameron, as Laura is teaching the fifth grade in the Illinois public school system.
Your school isn't near us? No problem. Using the internet, we can organize a virtual visit. All you need is skype and a large projection screen or classroom television. (We are members of the Skype an Author Network.)
Virtual Visit: Skype a Classroom
To arrange a visit, please contact:

Laurie Cameron
Library Visit: Bozeman, Montana
School Visit:
Plainfield, Illinois
School Visit:
Bilingual School, Honduras